• 1 Da Vinci Analytic Group
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    Da Vinci Analytic Group
    Operational analysis and forecasts of the world political processes. Risks evaluation and country's risks intelligence. Evaluation of current state policy on business and investments.

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    Da Vinci Analytic Group
    Economical analysis and researches. Geo-economical surveys. Investment risks rating. Due diligence. Evaluation of economy state policy and possible risks of work on the market.

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    Da Vinci Analytic Group
    Information support. Strategic campaigns, the situation room establishment and maintenance

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    Da Vinci Analytic Group
    Analysis, evaluations, recommendations and elaboration of plans on crisis settlement in states with political instability.

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    Da Vinci Analytic Group
    Strategical analysis and forecasts of situation development in states after coup d’etats, uprising and other non-democratic scenarios of changing the power.

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Company Profile


Da Vinci AG is analytic, consulting and intelligence company.

Da Vinci AG was founded in 2002.

Da Vinci AG being the member of expert pull for consensus-forecast of Reuters agency, prepares the analysis of political and economical situation, strategic forecasts and disclosure of world events. It is leading private intelligence company in Ukraine.

The company works with government structures, parliament committees providing analytical and GR support of their activity.

Da Vinci AG supplies strategic and tactic analyses of local conflicts development, threats and risks for foreign governments and peace-keeping structures. We made approved forecasts for conflict scenarios in Libya, Mali and Ivory Coast before 6 months of their development.

We provide the service of operative situational room deployment to react on crisis processes and evaluation of concomitant risks.

Our company provided forecast modeling of situation in Mali for governmental structures of France, USA and Algeria.

Da Vinci AG is the most precise economic surveys in Ukraine. Also we provide draft legislation concepts and economic programs development.

The company has experience in forming and providing economic counter-crisis strategy agenda in government interests.

Da Vinci AG is Ukrainian lobbying group. We help our partners to make legislation more comfortable and business friendly. We have great experience in adaptaion of foreign progressive legal act for domestic conditions.

Da Vinci AG is image creation group. We provide package of information maintenance for effective positioning with positive rating dynamic for leading political figures.

Our command is represented by professionals with experience in government structures, think-tanks, media and campaign headquarters.

Da Vinci AG  is more than 10 years experience of strategic campaigns in Ukraine and abroad in political and economical matters.
- International political and business campaigns;
- Political image creation and development;
- Minimization of political and economical risks via counter-crisis programs.

We provide effective regional and state operations during the elections of 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2007 and strategic management of campaigns in 2009 and 2012.

Da Vinci AG publishes quarterly Ukrainian Economic Trends Forecast (UETF).

UETF Content:
- macroeconomic and financial trends;
- state economic policy trends;
- Ukrainian capital and goods expansion on external markets;
- M&A policy;
- Trade conflicts and interstate agreements.

The report is published since 2010. Our subscribers are diplomatic missions and transnational corporations. 

Download our presentaion as Windows Media Video file (.wmv)

Da Vinci AG Clients:

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;

National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine;

Parliament Committee on National Security and defense;

Parliament Committee on finance and banking policy;

National Bank of Ukraine Council;

Parliament Committee on tax and customs policy of Ukraine;

Parliament Committee on industrial and regulatory policy and entrepreneurship of Ukraine;

Ministry of coal industry of Ukraine;

Deputies of Parliament of Ukraine;

Diplomatic missions in Ukraine;

Transnational companies and business-leaders in domestic market.

Our Directorate


Anatolii Baronin
Managing patner of "Da Vinci AG"
Specialization :
- International Relations;
- Foreign Policy;
- National Security;
- Macroeconomy.

Andrii Kolpakov
Managing partner of "Da Vinci AG"
Expert in Political Science.
- Internal Policy;
- Corporate Relations;
- Agriculture Policy;
- Counter-crisis managment;
- Election campaigns.

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